Ahobilam Prabhakar’s paintings can be located in the realm of eternal love, a genre most young Indian artists prefer to follow. Apparently, quite a few artists of the new generation are leaning towards much consumed imagery of love, portraying Radha & Krishna in an effort to ensure their prevalence in the main stream art practice.

However, some emerge as innovative both in technique and approach. The artist so far has been successful in executing relatively beautiful art works translating his intuitive ideas while making an attempt to discover his own idiom.

The nicety being his main aim, he renders the elongated figures with thick opaque paints and the rich drapery with transparency. The depth is created with the help of solid tints which emerge from dark contours and the subdued folds and undercuts created by the artist.

The visualization of the protagonists with a stylized nose, thick lips and broad fish like meditative eyes with tilted heads is reminiscent of idealized Indian sculptures that radiate a lyrical quality.

They are abundantly ornamented with fluid lines and tones. Through these qualities, Prabhakar makes an effort to show the divine magnificence and the eternal love that cater to the common taste of people as well as art connoisseurs.